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Happy Spring!

It's officially Spring now.  (Though it doesn't feel like here amidst snow flurries and blustery winds.)  It's time for Farmer's Markets, picnics, afternoons at the park, and general outdoor merriment. 

Do you have a great bag for all of the Spring things coming around the bend?  Here's a bag that won't do you wrong:
(and the patches are great, bright colors for Spring)

Happy Spring! 

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6 Things We Love!

1. Zimbags NEW Logo!! (The first of many changes to come.) See it in action on FB & Etsy! || 2. Kirsten of HelloGreyDay for her awesome design skills and patience. || 3.The time change -- so we get one more hour of light in the evening. || 4. The promise of spring flowers. || 5. Bright nails. || 6. New Zimbags products on the horizon...like this skirt!

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Women's Day Giveaway!

Today is International Women's Day!  We are excited and ready to celebrate.... with a giveaway!  Want to celebrate with us?  It could win you a Zimbag.  Specifically, a ZimTote!  2 people are going to win a ZimTote today and getting your name in the mix is easy... 

There are 3 ways to enter today's giveaway:

1. Post (or share) a status about Zimbags and/or Women's Day on Facebook and let us know about it.
2. Tweet about Zimbags and/or Women's Day (use @Zimbags so we know).
3. Mention Zimbags on your blog and send us a link.

That's it.  It's as simple as sharing about Zimbags and International Women's Day

This year the theme for International Women's Day is Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures.  At Zimbags we are connecting women in Zimbabwe with opportunity and inspiring futures where their children can grow up healthy, go to school, and change the world.

We are so thankful to work with 3 intelligent, talented, hardworking, and creative women in Zimbabwe.  Today we celebrate Siphiwe N., Nomvula N., Ennie D., and Sebina M. -- the women behind Zimbags.

Zimbags is all about empowering women.  Spread the word about Zimbags and Women's Day (it could win you a bag)!

Thanks for helping us Bag Poverty,
the Women of Zimbags

PS -- Another great way to celebrate Women's Day is to support women entrepreneurs (like the women of Zimbags).
PPS --  Fact: 66% of the world's work falls on women's shoulders, but they earn only 10% of the world's income.  Let's change that.


Update: Zimbabwe

Elections loom in Zimbabwe, with or without a constitution.   With elections on the horizon, rights groups warn that more violence is sure to follow.

This article explains the current state of Zimbabwean politics.

"The party of Zimbabwe’s president said Tuesday that elections can be held this year even if political reforms requested by meditators aren’t ready in time."

"Mugabe, in nationwide broadcasts marking his 88th birthday on Feb. 21, vowed to defy regional leaders over elections and said he is not afraid of angering them and facing possible regional isolation."

"Rights groups have warned of an imminent upsurge of violence against Mugabe’s opponents when there are calls for elections."